Sunday, November 25, 2007

Men In Black

17 December, 1967...
Washington DC

“Hi,” Anna greeted him with great smile.
“Hey ginger, you look so amazing today. What’s the catch?” He sensed something was unusual that day. Adam Smith took her into her arms and started dancing with the tunes of saxophone buzzing lightly in stereo.
“You are going to be a father,” she revealed cheekily.

10 days later...

“What! It can’t….how is it possible? No… you must have mistaken,” she faltered. The news, of having conceived some days ago, shocked her.
“All tests have confirmed that Maria and I don’t understand why you are reacting so badly,” said Doctor.
“It’s not possible because I haven’t had sex for nearly 2 months.”

7 days later...
Las Vegas

“You look gorgeous in this red dress, babe.”
His eyes twinkled and her lips drawn towards his in self-controlled gravity of love. Series of passionate kisses, between the lyrics from Unchained Melody playing in radio, tendered the bodies in intermingled gestures, pleasing them through paves of heat & friction and, finally, to top of the fountain.
After their scintillating performance of synchronized juxtapositions, the man brought out a pen like device, though it was little bigger, and waved it in front of her soothing eyes.
“Do you know what this is?” he asked.
“No, tell me.”
At that moment, his hairs started to grow all of a sudden, and covered his complete face like a dark bat-wing. He pressed the button at top of the device and intense flash of light filled the room for a second, in which she saw him in his actual demonic form. He was not human, but a creature with 10 legs, and distinctly having dark body, two red horns on butt, and two scrotums on his chest just below dangling nipples.
Next morning she woke up in her room, incognizant of last night’s happenings.

5 days later
MIB Headquarters, New York

The big hall was crowded with beings of different kind, as they were walking, crawling and even flying at some places. They were travelling aliens; either landed on or departing from Interplanetary Port of Earth. The aliens were required to disclose their actual appearance and morph into human or some animal before entering into earth.
Among them, some humans, having explicit appearance in dressing, were directing the activities to maintain the order of the lounge. They were called Men In Black.

Three men were sitting around a desk fit with big screen in which a giant spaceship was visible.
“Are you sure he is on earth?” asked oldest of them, Chief Alpha.
“Yes, and we want your help in nabbing him dead or alive,” answered an electronically altered voice.
“But we need to track him, and it could take some time,” Alpha seemed nervous but in previous situations, he had tackled them skilfully.
“We have already tracked him. Here is the location.”
A little red dot flashed over the map of USA on screen, and after some zoom-ins, the screen displayed SUBJECT FOUND. It was outskirts of New Jersey.
“Chief! I was thinking that there is a possibility of this creature’s involvement in recent pregnancy cases,” said Agent K, giving the matter a consideration.
“You may be right. Now get along with this matter,” replied Chief.

Same Day, New Jersey

Agent K had to knock the door three times before they were answered.
“Yes?” A young lady opened the door.
Agent K revealed FBI card and gestured her to come outside and whispered “Where is he?”
“In the bedroom above. Is he some killer?” she became anxious.
“Later. You go to some place safer.”

They ventured into bedroom and burst opened the door.
“Freeze!!!” Zed shouted. All guns were pointing towards one man.
The man was shocked but rapidly he transformed again into his original shape and started screeching. The walls were shaken and objects hanging on the wall collapsed. He brought the device out, but after the nod of Zed, K and other agents started shooting lasers on him. The laser assault scattered his head into pieces all around.
Agent Zed tapped his wrist watch and spoke “Send them in.”
Before leaving the room, Agent K noticed the device on the bed; it was on. He put it carefully in a plastic bag.

MIB Headquarters

Zed announced the death of the man to aliens. They said the man was convict of making so many species pregnant, which he thought that his offspring would help him win back the planet he lost in a gamble once and killed several individuals because he felt that their womb was not compatible. Before they could say good bye, Agent K asked about the pen-like device.
“That is a Neuralizer, which could delete memory of people as far back as several decades. You can keep that, and if you want more, we can make it for you. Now we must leave,” and at the speed of light, the ship was nowhere to see.

9 months later...
Washington DC

“How is she Doctor?” Adam was biting his nails since the doctor said the case became very complicated.
“I am so sorry Mr. Smith. We couldn’t save Anna but baby boy is fine,” doctor informed him in very sad tone. Adam could not stop his tears and broke down into a chair. “There is something else I need to tell you. The boy is black.”

20 days later...
New York

“Thank you Mr. Edward. I still do not believe that you’ll raise the baby,” Adam appreciated the move of Mr. Edward to adopt the baby after death of his wife. He was sceptic to raise the baby himself because he believed that his wife cheated on him.
“Mr. Smith. I and my husband always wanted a baby, and I cannot conceive. Don’t worry. He is our son now,” said Mrs. Edwards.
“What do you want to call him, dear?” asked Mr. Edwards.
“James. James Edwards.” Her eyes filled with tears when the baby grabbed her finger.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This is how we fuck our environment.

Photo Courtesy : Akshay

Monday, October 15, 2007

On the way

Listening to the words of death can fill anybody with fear, especially when someone is talking to chop your body parts off. Same fear ran through my fibres some days ago. Anything, with ability to move, would have gone off comprehending the notion of tools and machines placed aside, but my destiny, as presaged by nature, was paved in suffering. My base could not move an inch and I had to restrain the pain of mutilation.

The summer sun was shining intensely behind gray clouds when they brought machines to build asphalt-concrete road. There was rain sometimes, in recent days, which nurtured us with potential water. But that day I heard someone saying that they would have to cut us because we were coming in the way of their master plan.

And so they started their job. It would have been much easier if they had used chainsaw and cut off from my base but they gave me a painful treat. They started axing from the higher branches where the birds had weaved their nests but the leaves gave up and fell down and the birds had flown because they had wings. Next they chose more dense arms where the squirrels made their holes. The squirrels had scurried away because they had legs. Then finally they did my body. Each strike gave me a severe shudder, and that made me more and more detesting them. I wished I should not have produced fruits, shadows and even oxygen for them. But I was helpless because it was our destiny or duty; to live our life to provide others a life, even if they don’t care about us or environment.

I was almost dead but three days ago nature said she did not overlook us. She felt the pain which made her cry all night.

The asphalt surface is shining now as new developed things should, while the vehicles run over it at the constant speed towards their destination. And a sprout of life bloomed again on my body.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sens – Wings Of Comfort

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7 years later…

Blue light in the restroom was almost dull and cigarette smoke dominated the ambience of entire room. Wash-hand basins were filthy with blots of ignorance and generosity of people to keep the public place clean. She glanced at the emptiness of atmosphere, falling on heavy drum beats ricocheting from the dusted corners. Her hands were trembling and beads of sweat dripped down her forehead, even though winter in the city froze out the flames.

Last time it was an amazing experience; of walking along with the Person, of smelling the fragrance of flowers, of swinging in the rope of clouds. Now she was nervous, and expressing the reluctance to try it again but idea of finding the same comfort, she felt years ago, forced her to tie the belt. She found a green line of metacarpal vein in her arm, and inserted a needle in it.

The moment Heroin flooded with blood-stream for temporary co-existence, the spinal cord contracted for a second, tore her back to flutter its wings and the brain responded immediately. She started to fly through the light to uncertain source, which was making grotesque shapes. The sense of comfort and happiness revisited her & boosted her to touch the shapes; the smile on her face glowed under the pristine fragrance. But after reaching to certain height, the wings disappeared.

Eventual thump laid her unconscious on the floor, and a slow flow of red liquid oozed out of her nose but she did not feel the pain.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sens - The Loss Of Comfort

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8 years later…

The bed sheet had imprints of suns and flowers and little cute creatures, but even they seemed to be dull and full of sense of demise. She was in her bed, lying insentient, unaware of the last rites of the Person being done but aware of comfort having been gone forever. Her reddened face had become dry as the fever did not agree to slacken.

Eventually the Nurse found vein, and inserted needle in it. The Antibiotic immediately started performing its task as it blended with blood. White blood cells were encouraged to see new friends helping with the war against melancholy. They sent a message to the Brain through neurons and it responded in some seconds.

She opened her eyes slightly. The white light was intense, which created irregular shapes; but she saw a smiling face. Her lips also curved a smile and her hands tried to reach the shape as she felt the same comfort. But the light was gone and her eyes were closed.

“The fever must release its hold by evening. The dose is quite strong,” said the Doctor.

Any conscious human would have felt that high dose, but she did not feel the pain.